Because We Care

Our Story

We support refugees, asylum seekers, and others in need with friendship and kindness to help them integrate into our communities, reduce inequality by alleviating poverty, and connect them with organizations or offer friendship.

We Need Your Help

Refugee Kindness aims to relieve poverty or financial hardship among refugees, asylum seekers and those of equivalent need and their dependents living in North Wales by providing goods and services which they could not otherwise afford, to enable them to participate fully in society.

How we are helping Refugees

Handwritten sign that reads, "Welcome, please come in"
Turning houses into homes

We support families in accessing household items through our Facebook group, which acts as a free marketplace. Families can request household items, clothing, toys and much more. We have 3000+ members on this group at present.

Three men of varying ethnicity huddled around a computer, laughing together
Providing opportunities

Many of our beneficiaries have also become volunteers in areas such as PAT testing, translation and helping with events arranged by the charity. We have also provided opportunities for beneficiaries to learn a new skill by collaborating with other organisations for art classes, running our own sewing classes held by a beneficiary and much more.


Our beneficiaries love nothing more than to invite us into their homes and introduce us to their traditional cuisine. This is a great way for them to practice their conversational English. Many of our beneficiaries have managed to make new friends through events that we have arranged. We believe that our service helps to reduce isolation and combat mental health issues.

Words from one of our families

“I would love to thank each and everyone in this group for helping people who is in need. This means a lot for people like us. To make us feel we are still worth to live our life as everyone else and to have a place looks like a real home. Thank you”