Our Story

We Launched 21st August 2020

We have looked after over 150 families to date

Incensed by the inequality between those struggling and those of us with treasures languishing unused in garages, a local resident placed an advert on the local Facebook pages requesting an item of furniture to be donated to refugees who had been relocated to the Wrexham area. Immediately, residents offered donations. It was clear that local people wanted to help and weren’t prepared to allow other families to suffer.

Across the world, millions of ordinary people have found themselves with little alternative but to flee, to avoid unimaginable atrocities arising from civil war. Many have walked, with young children, for hours or even days, to seek out safety. On arrival, however, they find themselves sheltering in squalid camps, not knowing whether loved ones left behind are safe.

Leaving prosperous livelihoods: homes, jobs, friends and family – their survival in these camps is uncertain. Many are highly educated and have sacrificed the opportunities a good education affords. No refugee or Asylum seeker flees their home out of choice.

Although Asylum seekers in the UK are provided with housing, furniture and financial support is sparse. They are not allowed to work yet have to pay for food, clothing and hygiene products. These families learn to exist without the items that many of us would consider essential. They depend on charitable handouts even for the basics.

Thus, from one local Facebook post, requesting assistance, Refugee Kindness – North Wales, was born.

painted sign on wall that reads "everyone is welcome"