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This page is available in Welsh (Cymraeg)

Volunteer with us to help our families feel welcome and help make their houses into homes.

We welcome applications from anyone and everyone. Your assistance would be welcome whether it is for an hour a week or 40 hours a week. Ideally, we need volunteers who are based in North Wales but, depending on the role, this may not be necessary. A driving licence is preferable.

Be ready to laugh and cry in equal measures. You may hear stories that make you weep or make your blood boil. You may feel emotional when you see young children receive basic toys or receive messages thanking you for enabling them to sleep due to your delivery of a mattress or appropriate bedding.

You need to be resilient, empathetic and understanding. You need to be willing to help with basic tasks such as helping a family to pay council tax via an online system or linking them up with English lesson providers.

You will be there as a bridge to link families with services offered by other organisations and to fill the gaps not filled by others to ensure that the families always feel supported.

We are a new and developing organisation and you can be a part of the formation of a brand new charity as we seek to reach out to help more and more families.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering with us can be an emotional rollercoaster. The personal rewards are unquantifiable.

This is a conversation between a Syrian Refugee and one of our volunteers:

“Why do you do all this for no paid?”

“Well, the alternative is that I do work elsewhere for money. Then I would spend that money on doing something rewarding that I enjoy. As I enjoy doing this, and as it does not cost me anything, I don’t need to earn any money for doing it”.

Of course, there is more than the warm fuzzy feeling that you get from helping our families to volunteering with us. You will also be helping the local communities who are looking for an outlet for unused or unwanted items and helping save the planet by minimising the amount of stuff that goes to landfill.

In the competitive job market, almost all corporate and small business employers will expect to see some form of volunteering on a CV to prove that any applicant is well-rounded and well-meaning.

Furthermore, many expect you to be able to show that you support BAME communities. What could be better than to tie the two together?

Finally, but not least, you will be connected to our amazing team of volunteers, who are likely to be kindred spirits. We hope that our volunteers will become friends for life.

Get in touch with us now to apply to be a Refugee Kindness volunteer

Words from one of our families

“I would love to Thank each and everyone in Refugee Kindness – North Wales group for me and on behalf of all the as/refugee families. We have received so many usefull gorgeous furnitures clothes, toys, books, household things, decorating stuffs and many more items from the kind hearted people through this group. Above all we are receiving genuine care and love from all our lovely LO’s, DO’s, Admins and lovely People since we joined the group/page. All the help and care you all giving is a life changer.”